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What we do

We help teams transform the way they interact, communicate and perform through powerfully facilitated, customized retreats here in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

By combining fun activities with facilitated group discussions and workshops, we enable leaders and teams to regroup and refocus so they move forward from a position of strength, alignment and shared vision.

Ignite leadership skills…Unleash creativity & innovation
…Increase teamwork, collaboration & trust

Why a retreat?

When you invest in your people, your people become more invested in your business.


The best corporate retreats leverage time out of the office to look at challenges and opportunities from a more empowered point of view. They are a great way to open up dialog between team members and build trust and connection. Because distractions are minimized, there is a renewed energy and focus to set new and common company goals, initiate valuable training, and facilitate better communication.

Why take your team off-site?

BOND…and strengthen relationships

Team members will participate in fun, interactive activities that will allow them to develop authentic friendships based on shared experiences. This new-found common ground increases trust and collaboration and creates a new environment where team members respect each other’s differences, complement each other’s strengths and cheer on each other’s successes.


LEARN…and build valuable skills

Our high-impact training and development programs are an integrated approach to working with teams around specific business objectives. The retreat environment is the perfect place tap into their full potential by raising their awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, develop highly effective team practices and strategies, and open up team communication.

RECHARGE…and boost morale

Like spending vacation time, going on a corporate retreat allows your employees to renew their enthusiasm and excitement for work. This time away provides employees with a moment to step back and reevaluate their work. They head back to the office with renewed energy and vigor which results in happier and more productive employees.


ENGAGE…and problem solve

All group discussions, activities, and personal reflection periods are aimed at empowering team members to apply newly-learned knowledge and experience to real-life workplace scenarios. It’s also a great time to form new team objectives and goals. Taking into consideration input from employees when forming the new business strategy will help them form a stronger connection with your company and work harder towards a common goal.

Why choose us?

We customize! An ‘off-the-shelf’ experience has little lasting impact. We work with you to integrate real-life scenarios, company values and themes, and relevant exercises into your retreat itinerary.


We move you forward! Your selected activities will be used as catalysts for meaningful group discussions and facilitated working sessions. We help your team look at challenges and opportunities from a more empowered point of view. We want your team members to learn, act and grow. This means not talking just about theory and ideas, but putting plans into place and taking action.


We make it fun! Go beyond the typical retreat and elevate your experience with activities such as equine-assisted learning, challenging ropes courses, hot air ballooning and hikes on the Appalachian Trail.


We make it easy! You tell us what you need and we get it done.

Why here?

Let the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts serve as your backdrop to increase teamwork, collaboration and trust.


The Berkshires is the ideal setting for every kind of team—Corporate, Non-Profit and Women’s Leadership groups—to discover new synergies and create lasting memories.


We have a wide variety of lodging options, meeting spaces, and unique experiences that you can’t find anywhere else in the country.


Ideally located just 2.5 hours between two of America’s best cities — New York and Boston — the Berkshires offers the best of two worlds. It satisfies one’s desire for the quiet, scenic countryside, yet also provides a plethora of culture, arts and music. A popular vacation destination, we’re known for four seasons of outdoor activities, a world-class food scene, and plenty of shopping opportunities.

Ready to Transform Your Team?

Thank you for the 2-day retreat. The production and execution were perfect, the location was gorgeous, and the content, highly relevant. The retreat played a vital role in strengthening our core team and giving us some key insights on what challenges lie ahead. Looking forward to doing more together in the future.

E. Schalit, CEO


I’ve already had an opportunity to try out the listening/coaching approach we worked through yesterday. It worked brilliantly and the outcome was powerful. It was definitely one of those transformative learning moments for me.

M. Lawlor, SVP


(A Comcast Company)

The workshop was unique and thought provoking. As we discussed, these guys have been doing stuff the same way for a long time and this gives them a method to look at things differently and adapt their selling approach.

K. Feinswog, Dir of Sales

Max Finkelstein Inc.

Planning our first company offsite was a daunting process before we met the SAVIA Leadership and BCR team. They helped us explore our retreat goals and evaluate our priorities. Once we had a common goal, the SAVIA/BCR team took it from there and organized an incredibly successful event that struck the perfect balance between structured facilitation and teambuilding activities. The entire team left the offsite with a clearer understanding of the company and each other, as well as a huge smile after a very fun few days in the Berkshires. I would highly recommend SAVIA/BCR without reservation to other companies interested in a fun, fulfilling, outcome-driven retreat.

Woody Mawhinney, CEO

Pawlicy Advisor